1. What is the price for studies in WSWCF Academy?

One-time payment for all 3 levels of the programme – EUR 1190 (USD 1190). The payment can be divided in three parts and each part has to be paid before starting the next level. A payment for each level of the programme separately in this situation is EUR 400 (USD 400) or a total of EUR 1200 (USD 1200) for all three levels. Price can differ in special deals and offers.

2. What is the length of the course?

The studies usually last 6 months. There are 3 levels of studies, and each level is structured so that you have 1 month for studying and 1 month for passing the exams.

3. Are the studies accredited?

Street workout and calisthenics isn’t recognised as an official sport in many countries yet. The most recent countries to recognize it include Latvia (EU), the Netherlands, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Mongolia. Recognition of the sport is now underway in 80+ of the largest countries around the world, among them being Russia, China, France, US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and others. It’s just a matter of a few years’ time before street workout and calisthenics will be recognized as an official sport worldwide. Trainers specialising in an unrecognized sport can’t be accredited on a national level. But at the same time those gyms and clients who desire street workout and calisthenics specialists will look for our certified trainers. Therefore, we are the only global organization that works with promotion and development of this sport. The clients of our certified trainers aren’t general fitness gyms, but organizations and people who want to work with street workout and calisthenics specialists, in particular. And for them this accreditation isn’t as important as the amount and quality of knowledge that we can ensure as the only global organization in this industry.

4. Who recognizes the certificate?

WSWCF is an officially recognised organisation, and the only one also recognised by other street workout and calisthenics organisations. As we are the only organisation offering such qualifications, different organisations and gyms, looking for street workout and calisthenics trainers, prefer the specialists trained at our WSWCF Academy. Although the trainer certificate might not be recognised in the fitness industry, it is definitely a quality standard in street workout and calisthenics training.

5. Where will I be able to work after finishing WSWCF Academy?

After finishing our studies, you will be able to work as a personal or group street workout and calisthenics trainer. You can train clients in the parks, online or in specialized street workout and calisthenics gyms.
Most of our trainers finish our Academy in 6 month and they start training others. Depending on the country trainers earn back their investment from less then 1 month in USA (cheapest is 30 USD per 1h private lesson x 35 lessons) to 3 month in China (cheapest is 5 USD per 1 hour private lesson x 200 lessons) and from there you can earn your income monthly if you chose it as your part time or full time job. Many our graduates use these studies also to know more about their hobby.
In addition you constantly get access to latest training information we provide and we constantly recommend our trainers to the gyms that are reaching out to us and searching for a calisthenics and street workout trainers. You can make also online trainings for your clients and write them a training programs. It is a one time investment for your future thar never can be taken away from you. We hope to see you among our team.

6. What do I need to do in the exams?

Level 1. A theoretical exam with 30 questions and a practical part: creating a video for 18 exercises, including the harder and easier versions. Level 2. A theoretical exam with 30 questions and a practical part: developing a training plan for men and women. Level 3. A theoretical exam with 30 questions and a practical part: showing a real training session in video format and developing a yearly plan.

7. How will I receive the certificate?

It’s easy and convenient: we send the certificate in PDF format to your email.

8. What languages are the study materials available in?

We have study materials in English, Spanish and Russian.

9. Are the studies online?

Yes, studies are 100% online. You can study from any place around the world. We communicate through email, and you can contact us on Instagram and Facebook as well.

10. Are there any special requirements for starting studies in WSWCF Academy?

No, there are no special requirements for starting the studies. We provide you with all the information that is needed to become a professional street workout and calisthenics trainer. What’s more, our professional team will give you all the advice needed.

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