Become a certified street workout
and calisthenics trainer

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation

Street workout and calisthenics trainer education programme is a system developed by leading specialists of World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF) based on huge experience, specifically in street workout and calisthenics sport and movement. The WSWCF Academy education system was created to give the street workout and calisthenics fans a proper and, most importantly, safe system of street workout and calisthenics sport and fitness trainings.

All the time our members were telling us that they want a proper education system, which gives a diploma and which allows them to teach street workout and calisthenics to others, and, finally, the WSWCF Academy can give them all of that. It is not just a paper that you are paying for. It is a proper sports education.

Finish all three levels of the online education programme just in 6 months and receive street workout and calisthenics trainer certificate.

You will be able to study and take exams online when it will be comfortable for you. The program is created to fit the latest 21st century trends and the education will be available online wherever you are without losing quality.

The only requirements for a student are as follows: to be 17 years old or older and to be ready to go through the educational process. Previous experience in the street workout and calisthenics sport or any other type of sports will be an advantage, but is not obligatory. Our education programme is created so that anyone, who wants to study and improve, can become a real specialist.

Street workout and calisthenics sport is the fastest growing fitness and sports industry trend and now there is a proper, special education system. Now, every street workout and calisthenics fan and people doing other types of sports will be able to become street workout and calisthenics trainers.

Easy enrollment process

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation


You fill up and submit the application form on the bottom of this page

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation


Make a payment for studies

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation


After receiving payment, we send you all educational materials and guidelines and provide you with an optional personal mentor who can help you during the study process

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation


For every level of the programme you study for 1-2 months (you choose the study intensity) and then take exams for one or two months (you choose the examination intensity)

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation


After successfully passing exams in Level 1, you are added to our webpage with the status of a Practicing student and our visitors are able to find and contact you

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation


After successfully passing the final exams, you receive a street workout and calisthenics trainer graduate certificate, which is sent to you by email as a verifiable, authorized digital copy. Also your status on webpage changes to Trainer qualified by WSWCF Academy

3 level education process

Level 1

1. Human body

2. Organ system

3. Skeletal system

4. Joints

5. Muscles

6. Somatotype

7. Nutrition

8. Diet

9. Getting to know your client

10. Hygiene

11. Sports injury first aid treatment

12. Fundamental street workout and calisthenics training techniques

13. Fundamental street workout and calisthenics exercises

14. Fundamental street workout and calisthenics training plans

Level 2

1. Advanced knowledge of human physiology and anatomy

2. Sports biomechanics

3. Advanced sports training theory

4. Advanced street workout and calisthenics training techniques

5. Advanced street workout and calisthenics exercises / tricks

6. Advanced street workout and calisthenics training plans

Level 3

1. Self-marketing

2. Sports psychology and motivation

3. Street workout and calisthenics competitions and the judging system

4. How to prepare clients for street workout and calisthenics competitions

5. Advice about working as a personal trainer, training groups and organizing master classes

6. Street workout and calisthenics code of manners

Practical work

Training clients and using the knowledge that you got in the program starts after finishing LEVEL 1. Theory without practice is empty. The practical usage of knowledge is the key to a successful career as a trainer!


After successfully passing the final exams you graduate from the WSWCF Academy and you get a street workout and calisthenics trainer graduate certificate, which will be sent to you by email as a verifiable authorized digital copy. Everyone who will graduate from the WSWCF Academy will become a member of the Graduate Club and part of the WSWCF family and will grow and become better together with us.

After graduation, once a year trainers receive the latest information about the most recent trends in street workout and calisthenics as a part of fitness absolutely FREE of charge. Trainers get an exclusive opportunity to share their experience and exchange information with other trainers and get additional information from the support staff. Even more, the members of the Graduate Club will get discounts from the WSWCF partners and suppliers now and in the future. For example, for buying calisthenics equipment from Kenguru Pro – leading manufacturing company in the field.

WSWCF Academy certification must be done once and no re-certification will ever be needed.

After graduation, you will also receive the latest study materials once a year for free to keep you updated with the leading-edge, progressive knowledge. It’s a one time investment in your future. If you are already employed by a gym or sport organization, you can ask the organization to cover the costs of studies and though for improving your professional skills.

Our Academy has already certified more then 500 trainers from 50 countries providing our studies 100% online. We have a great reviews from our graduates and I’m sure you will make a right choice studying with us.



You can see/download List of the lessons here


120 lessons of eBooks and more then 150 educational videos on all calisthenics related topics.
  • Basic exercises
  • Static, dynamic and acrobatic freestyle
  • Power and strength calisthenics including weighted calisthenics or so called Streetlifting
  • Calisthenics group trainings
  • Calisthenics injury prevention and mobility
  • Everything about calisthenics completions


All our educational materials are created by World top class athletes including World Champions in Freestyle and Power and Strength. But most importantly they all have at least Bachelor degree in the sports science. So our study process is based on huge World Federation’s top athlete and trainer experience combined with top sports science.


  • You simply apply for studies here on our website making the payment. We use Stripe payment system which accepts all bank cards. If you have any issue with the payment process please send us WhatsApp message and we will assist you.
  • Once the payment is done, you receive study platform login to your email address.
  • Once you login to our online study platform you get the access to our lessons. Study lessons are divided in 7 sections and after each section you have a quiz type exam which is carefully designed to make sure that you have understood our study materials.
  • If you fail any exam you can retake this exam after 7 days till you finally pass the exam. There is no restriction in the number of exam attempts.
  • Once you finish all study sections and pass all the exams, we will send you a digitally verifiable Calisthenics and Street Workout Personal trainer certificate and add you to our websites certified trainer data base where everyone will be able to find you and verify you.


Most of our students have busy life with full time jobs, family responsibilities, maybe even studies in other universities. This is why we have created our study platform and study process very flexible.

You can study and pass exams any time comfortable for you. There is no schedule for lessons. All lessons are prewritten and pre filmed and you can start any lesson at a comfortable time for you.

Pause and resume any lesson any time you need.


If you focus on studies and pass exams with no fails, your minimal study time in Academy will be 2 month till you graduate.

But again, there is no time restriction. There is no rush and you can study for 3, 4, 6 month or even a year if that is comfortable and necessary for you.


  • All study materials are designed to be easy to learn.
  • We use basic English language for easier learning. Even if you have a basic English knowledge, with a slight Google Translate help you will be able to study and pass exams.


  • We have made easy to learn and follow video practical lessons. You can learn and practice from video lessons at home or in the park or a gym.
  • For better practical lesson learning we suggest to use tripod for your phone and film your self doing the practical lesson exercises. This way by comparing your video to video of the instructor you will be able to spot any mistakes and differences even if you feel like you have followed all the instructions right. This way you also learn how to spot the future exercise mistakes made by your clients.


  • We accept students from compete beginners to an advance athletes and existing sports trainers and professionals.
  • For existing sports professionals with sports certificates and education, we offer the opportunity to instantly pass the sports science exam to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and proceed directly to the dedicated calisthenics studies.
  • For beginners we will teach you all the knowledge and skills to learn, progress and be able to train calisthenics not only yourself but also others.


  • Only internationally recognized certificate among all calisthenics community.
  • You will be able to work as private or group trainer in parks or gyms. Or even work online.
  • We will teach you self-marketing and all necessary knowledge and tools to become a professional calisthenics and street workout trainer.
  • It’s a one-time investment with no hidden fees, no additional recertifications in future. In opposite you get free access to all new study materials that we create even after graduation.
  • And if you don’t decide to become a calisthenics trainer in the future, you will save a significant amount of money by not having to pay other trainers, as you would be the best trainer for yourself.


One-time payment

Paying for all 3 levels of the programme at once –  590 EUR (1190 EUR). It’s a one-time payment. We do not require any paid recertifications and there are no hidden fees.

Limited offer first 5 students in April.