We are...

the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF) established educational institution for official street workout and calisthenics trainer certification and since 2017 also for calisthenics park and gym certification. Trainers’ education programme developed by leading specialists of WSWCF based on the huge experience, specifically in street workout and calisthenics sport and movement.

The main goal of the WSWCF Academy...

is to give the street workout and calisthenics fans a proper and what is most important— safe system for their bodyweight exercises and calisthenics sport and fitness trainings.

Want to become a certified trainer?

We offer qualified street workout and calisthenics trainer online education programme by the WSWCF Academy.

Are you interested to level up & gain park and gym certification?

Get your sports park or gym certification done fully online.

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