About Us

WSWCF Academy is an educational institution for street workout and calisthenics trainer certification & park / gym certification founded by World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF).

In 2014, the WSWCF founded the WSWCF Academy and started a large project, which is based on teamwork, to create a sports education system for street workout and calisthenics. The main goal of the WSWCF Academy is to give proper, special street workout and calisthenics trainer education that observes the highest standards of sports education.

Additionally, the WSWCF Academy is providing certification for street workout and calisthenics equipment, sports grounds and gyms with the special standards created by the WSWCF, and will also provide a street workout and calisthenics judge certification and education system.

Our mission

Street workout and calisthenics – both as a sport and a movement – has been gaining momentum around the world. This inevitably has attracted many practitioners who, having achieved a certain level of mastery, choose to hand down their knowledge and experience by training others.

However, one size doesn’t fit all, that is training methods that have worked for some can turn out to be harmful to others.

For this very reason, we founded the WSWCF Academy, with the the mission to provide the basic how-to knowledge on organizing training sessions, training people and making a living with street workout an calisthenics to everyone already practising the sport as well as to the ones just considering taking it up.

Trainers’ Education Programme

Street workout and calisthenics Trainer Education Programme by WSWCF Academy is a system developed by leading specialists of World Street Workout and calisthenics and Calisthenics Federation based on huge experience, specifically in street workout and calisthenics sport and movement. The WSWCF Academy education system was created to give the street workout and calisthenics fans a proper and, most importantly, safe system of street workout and calisthenics sport and fitness trainings.

The program is created to fit the latest 21st century trends and the education will be available online wherever you are without losing quality. In 6 months time, you can finish all three levels of the online education programme and get a street workout and calisthenics trainer certificate. You will be able to study and take exams online when it will be comfortable for you.

The only requirements for a student are these: to be 17 years old or older and to be ready to go through the educational process. Previous experience in the street workout and calisthenics sport or any other type of sports will be an advantage, but is not obligatory. Our education programme is created so that anyone, who wants to study and improve, can become a real specialist.

Academy Background

Street workout and calisthenics sport is the fastest growing fitness and sports industry trend and now there is a proper, special education system. Now, every street workout and calisthenics fan and people doing other types of sports will be able to become street workout and calisthenics trainers.

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF) is the only global organization working on the development and promotion of street workout and calisthenics sport and movement around the world. WSWCF has 126 member organizations in 73 countries, and together with the member organizations we organize the annual Street workout and calisthenics World Cup with more than 20 stages all over the world and World Championship with National championship selections in every member organization country under a unified system and rules. Since the day one, WSWCF has been working on a reliable system of sports rules, respecting all individuals and organizations involved in the street workout and calisthenics sport, and, by gaining experience through constant work in this sport, now is offering a proper system of education. This opportunity will open doors to a professional career for every street workout and calisthenics enthusiast worldwide.

Main Advantages of The Education in WSWCF Academy

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation
World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation

1. Everyone who is connected to the street workout and calisthenics sport can get a professional education that can be used as a starting point for their professional careers as street workout and calisthenics personal or group trainers, who can work outdoors or in gyms, or as athletes giving master classes.

2. Education and examination process is online and this give you a great opportunity to study and pass exams whenever it’s comfortable for you.

3. There are many different education systems which educate about bodyweight workout, but this education programme is created specially for people who want to have a professional career in street workout and calisthenics sport and fitness industry.

4. Since street workout and calisthenics is a trend in fitness and sports industry and many people are doing street workout and calisthenics as their main type of workout, the WSWCF Academy gives great additional education to the existing fitness professionals who are already working in gyms or outdoors and want to improve their knowledge and education.

5. The Internet offers a lot of different education and information, but WSWCF Academy created the best choice for those who want to get complete and useful knowledge specifically in the street workout and calisthenics.

6. This education will make training safe for thousands and millions of potential clients of street workout and calisthenics trainers, because the education of the WSWCF Academy will serve as a quality mark of trainers’ abilities.

7. WSWCF Academy will provide a collective database containing data on trainers that can be easily accessed online on WSWCF Academy, where people can find a trainer or specialist they want to hire.

8. The database will give a chance for gym owners to search for specialists to hire.

9. Trainers become members of the WSWCF Academy Graduate Club and, once a year for free, receive new teaching materials on the latest methods and practices in street workout and calisthenics sport, as well as obtain significant discounts from existing and future partners of WSWCF. For example, for purchasing equipment from company Kenguru Pro.

10. The only street workout and calisthenics education that has been developed and approved by leading WSWCF experts.

Education With Quality Mark

Yes, there already are many street workout and calisthenics trainers, but most of them train without any education and use only their own experience or some incomplete information which they found on the Internet. Very often things are done wrong. By finishing this education program, trainers will not have to worry about harming themselves or their clients.

We want trainers and their clients to have and know the WSWCF Academy quality brand. This program has more than an empty title, which is very often given by other organizations. The WSWCF Academy education will put a great quality mark on your whole career.

Body and health are two of the most valuable things that we hold. With this education, we want to guard the bodies and health of thousands and millions of people from harm, when practicing or teaching street workout and calisthenics.

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