Correction of posture and biomechanics of body

ORGANIZER Sergey Smirnov

My name is Sergey Smirnov. I am from Russia and first of all want to tell about myself:
Training experience: since 2007


  • The head of educational center of the Russian Street Workout Federation
  • Co-founder of the international team MUTANT CLAN
  • Record holder of Russia and the world in pulling up on one hand ( 22 reps )
  • Multiple winner and prize winner of street workout competitions
  • Judge and organizer of regional, national and international competitions
  • Master of Sports in Streetlifting according to ISF
  • Prize winner of the Russian and European streetlifting championships
  • One of the first trainers in Russia certified by WSWCF ACADEMY
  • Specialist in kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Fitness nutritionist
  • Creator of the project URBAN_DISTRICT
  • Founder of online school WORKOUT_EDUCATION
  • One of the Coordinators WSWCF ACADEMY in Russia

About workshop:

Theme: Correction of posture and biomechanics of body

The main theme of any sport is sports longevity. And Workout is no exception, where posture and body biomechanics directly affect the duration of a sports career.

What affects the posture and biomechanics of the athlete?

Frequent injuries, the incorrect technique of basic exercises, fixing the wrong stereotypes of movement in the elements, as well as the study of asymmetric movements.

All these points require adjustment, as they directly affect the duration of a sports career and quality of life.

In this regard, I decided to create my workshop to help athletes, coaches and just practitioners be as productive as possible during training and maintain health at the maximum level.

At the workshop you will learn:

1. How to diagnose and see posture disorders

2. What methods to use to assess posture

3. How to build a work plan to correct your body

4. How to teach the basic exercises technique and improve elements

Duration: 12 hours / two weekends


Module 1 ( Duration 6 hours, Saturday)

1. Why need and who needs that

2. Human and 3 planes:

2.1. Sagittal plane

2.2. Frontal plane

2.3. Transverse plane

3. What changes are: postural and structure

3.1. Degrees and types of curves

3.2. External changes in planes

4. Body analysis

4.1. Photo of planes and feet

4.2. Motion estimation ( walking, pull ups, push ups, squats, muscle up, front lever, back lever, handstand and etc)

Module 2 ( Duration 6 hours, Sunday)

1. Analysis data of x-ray

1.1. Kobba

1.2. Raimondi

1.3. Risser

2. Sphenoid vertebra

3. Correction of planes and feet, tehnique of exercises

4. Total


Social distancing and the necessary health protocols wil be repected, with a maximum capacity of 15 students, and a minimum capacity of 7 students.

At the end of the training sessions will issue digital certificates and send them to email address of the guys who attended.

They will receive a digital copy ready to be printed and we will also publish a list of these people on our website.


Workshop Costs: the value of the Workshop is € 250 Euro, it can be paid by PayPal or cash.



Instagram : grey_smirnov

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